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New South Wales edition of Vote Compass launches with ABC News
March 1, 2015

How do your politics compare with the policy platforms of the major parties in New South Wales? Find out for yourself by using the ABC’s Vote Compass. Visit http://www.abc.net.au/news/nsw-election-2015/vote-compass/ to find out how you fit the New South Wales political landscape.


Vote Compass returns to ABC News for the Victorian state election
November 2, 2014

Following on the heels of a wildly popular run in the 2013 Australian federal election, Vote Compass returns to Australia today as part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Victorian state election coverage.

Try Vote Compass Victoria for yourself at http://abc.net.au/news/vic-election-2014/vote-compass/.


Vote Compass Toronto mayoral edition launches with CBC News
September 29, 2014

Vote Compass launched its 2014 Toronto mayoral election edition today with CBC News. Are you views most aligned with the policy proposals of Olivia Chow, Doug Ford or John Tory? Find out at http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/votecompass/toronto2014.html.

Vote Compass concludes New Zealand campaign with TVNZ
September 19, 2014

Vote Compass was launched in New Zealand in collaboration with the national broadcaster, TVNZ ONE News and the New Zealand Electoral Commission. Academic partners included the University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington.

Kiwis were invited to visit http://tvnz.co.nz/votecompass to get a sense as how their political views align with the policy platforms of the various parties running in the 2014 New Zealand general election campaign. By the end of the campaign, Vote Compass registered upwards of 350,000 respondents.

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Vote Compass launches in Ontario with CBC News
May 7, 2014

As the Ontario election campaign officially kicked off today with the signing of the writs, CBC News and Radio-Canada launched a new edition of Vote Compass. Discover how your politics align with Ontario’s political parties at http://cbcnews.ca/votecompass.


Vote Compass launches anew with CBC News for the 2014 Quebec election campaign
March 5, 2014


CBC News, in partnership with Radio-Canada, has once again commissioned the wildly popular Vote Compass as an integral component of its 2014 Quebec election coverage. The Quebec edition of Vote Compass was developed in cooperation with political scientists from Laval University. It is available at http://cbcnews.ca/votecompass.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation launches Vote Compass
August 4, 2013

ABC NewsThe Australian Broadcasting Corporation has commissioned an Australian edition of Vote Compass for the 2013 Australian federal election campaign, which kicked off just moments ago. Find out how your views compare with the policy platforms of Australia’s major parties at http://abc.net.au/votecompass.

Are you among Australia’s most influential political Tweeters? @VoteCompass maps the #auspol Twittersphere
July 25, 2013

How influential are you in the Australian political Twittersphere?

Vote Compass has issued a new release in its ongoing series of Twitter influence maps. The infographic maps the relationships among several hundred of the most retweeted Twitter users drawn from the pool of Tweets that used the #auspol hashtag between June 11 and July 20, 2013.

#auspol Twitterverse

Click here for a high resolution version of the infographic and see if you can find yourself

While the analysis paints an interesting picture of political influence within the Twittersphere, its authors exercise caution in the inferences one might derive from the results.

“We’re looking at a snapshot in time,” said Clifton van der Linden (@CliffvdLinden), executive director of Vote Compass (@VoteCompass). “These networks are often rather fluid and prone to exogenous shocks. They may look very different from one week to the next depending on the events that are driving the discourse among Twitter users. What we are able to glean from this analysis as it stands is a sense of who has been exerting influence upon whom over the course of the past month or so.”
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