Vote Compass makes inaugural debut for the Canadian federal election
 March 26, 2011

As the writ dropped at Rideau Hall the inaugural edition of Vote Compass was officially launched via CBC News’ Canada Votes 2011 election platform. Modelled after voter engagement applications used throughout Europe for nearly a decade, Vote Compass is intended to promote electoral literacy and stimulate democratic participation.

Please note that, as of March 2012, the 2011 Canadian federal edition of Vote Compass is no longer available online.


58 Responses to Vote Compass makes inaugural debut for the Canadian federal election

  1. glenn macdonald says:

    Well finally found this website, you would almost think the cbc would have it on their website!

    • John Dale says:

      It also requires an adobe flash version that means it does not work on an iPad, iPod, iPhone. That does cut down response volume.

      • Izabella Gabowicz says:

        Yup. It’s a shame Jobs still refuses to acknowledge this standard.

        It’s a really great app. And.. in case any of its developers check the comments: worked on the Galaxy Tab wonderfully.

  2. Colin Ward says:


  3. Colin Ward says:

    And you would think they could get the time right….ha.

  4. Janice Radley says:

    Agree with previous comment. Was looking on CBCs website for vote compass

  5. k stevens says:

    has anyone attempted this yet?

  6. Tim Hickey says:

    I am thrilled to salute you for the work you are doing!

    On the issue of leadership!

    I believe there are about 34 million leaders in this country! Watch for the Mandate Challenge to be introduced very shortly!

    This will be a challenge to the 9,000,000 plus votersthat failed to exercise the franchise in 2008!

    Its time to put the whip into the hands of the most effective opposition – the voter!

    It will be interesting to see you tracking the results of those who have not voted recently, but given a Mandate that will take partisan/divisive politics out of Ottawa and put consensus into the decision-making of the nation, they will exercise their franchise!

    Watch for the Mandate Challenge!

    May God keep our land Glorious and Free!

  7. k stevens says:

    how do i take the survey

  8. MJM says:

    Ive taken the survey at the URL above. Very interesting results! There must have been some glitches with so many people (like us) attempting to login at the same time. Working now! Great job!

  9. thomasvikander says:

    I didn’t readily find this site through one CBC hit at Google. You have a great idea here, and you will do well. Did I hear on

  10. thomasvikander says:

    You should show that your clock is set to CTD

  11. gerry kane says:

    Did the survey……think it a great idea…..but the questions should be allowed to be answered with comments instead of yes … no…. maybe….that is the DEMOCRATIC WAY !!!!

    • mjm says:

      Sure but that would make it very difficult to aggregate the results. It would end up being party members spouting their political ideologies.

  12. Wendy Gregoire says:

    I noticed a lack of questions on ethics. The contempt issue; the undemocratic treatment of people at the G20 summit by police, local, provincial, and federal governments concerns me. How can we be defending the democratic principle in the world if we aren’t defending and practicing them at home?

  13. Wendy Gregoire says:

    What about our views towards a coalition? Coalition governments can work so long as our MP’s work together and the minority government does not forget it is a minortiy and tried to act like a majority. We are Canadians and as such the prime minister is only one person; all MP’s should contribute to the better functioning of Parliament.

    • Randy G says:

      Coalition parties can work as follows;

      A) when the elected minority party unites with another party to form a majority

      B) When any of the coalition parties do not have a mandate to SPLIT UP THE COUNTRY

      It does not apply to three losing parties joining to usurp the legally elected minority party……………….

  14. Glen says:

    I enjoyed working through the survey until the (last??) few pages when, while thinking of my response, I guess I was timed out. So how does this make my participation legitimate? Disappointed that better testing of this site was not done. Typical today, fast and cheap.

  15. Graham Cotter says:

    Agree with Wendy Gregioire on #16: contempt issue eundemocrativc treatment of people at G20 etc.

  16. mjm says:

    Just click any of the links here. A little work is required, just like democracy.

  17. steve lane says:

    I think they are using the ability to track down the site as some kind of a test of ones determination. Go to the canadavotes link at the top of this page – click on it, when you get to the home page you will see a box with the # of people who have participated so far, if you look under that very prominent number you will see in very small type a link to clck on

  18. mjm says:

    a simple Google search of: “CBC vote compass” brings it up immediately.

  19. mjm says:

    and a search at CBC website of “vote compass” brings it up immediately.

  20. steve lane says:

    I made the mistake of following the link that cbc news had posted on the screen this morning – and ended up on a google results screen, somehow I went from there to here which resulted in the comment above – you’d think they (cbc) would provide a direct link. Too bad I’m as “intelligent” as mjm, I might have realized that the link didn’t go directly to the site. Oh well, I guess we can”t all be that “intelligent”

  21. steve lane says:

    need to edit my last comment – sorry mjm, I didn’t mean to imply that I was as “intelligent” as you. It should have read, :Too bad I’m not as “intelligent” as mjm.

  22. mjm says:

    redirects straight to the application. What more do you want?

    intelligence: The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.

  23. diane bourdeau says:

    Am having trouble finding the Vote Compass questions to answer. Help! Great idea though. Heard about it this morning on CBC TV.

  24. william eady says:

    Finally a mechanism which can help Canadians, who are notoriously brain-dead when it comes to articulating what the main political issues of the day are, not only find some direction on where they stand on them, but actually find their way to the voting booth this time around.

  25. Betty Laswick says:

    Stephen Harper made light of the motion that stated he and his government were in contempt of parliament. How can he expect to have the support of Canadians when he takes truth and ethics so lightly? His comment, “you win some, you lose some” was most inappropriate

  26. Paul says:

    This is a great idea – In an ideal and honest system much could be accomplished this way – but the basic political system and the media are too corrupt with their own interests to allow it – And around we go!

  27. dave chapeskie says:

    Very good survey idea .. VERY easy to find and use … good educational tool . I may have added some important additional issues /questions in some areas.

  28. oldgrey says:

    I’ve tried most all of the different sites in trying to find the actual survey with no success. It’s now appearing much like Harpers evasion tactics of evading any access to the truth and transparity. In looking over the different comments posted, it appears only a few have found a way to do the survey.

  29. Bridget O'L says:

    How to get into the vote is impossible Please advise

  30. Mark says:

    Nice idea, a few questions though:

    Where will the results be posted and how often will they be updated? Will we be able to ‘drill down’ into our province or region to see what fellow folks are thinking?

  31. Eric H says:

    Why can you not show the aggregated results, overall and by region?

    Why can I not see literally how eccentric I am, at least compared to CBC viewers and listeners?

  32. jack says:

    I took the survey now I am more confused then ever. I ended up with coalition.

  33. shariati shariati says:

    I wish I could change my mind as easily in reality as I could online….I still believe in a coalition of NDP,Liberal and Tory.

  34. ed Neis says:

    I also agree.
    let us tell the politicians, were not as stupid as they think, and we do care about the affairs of parliament.
    Least say Harper.

  35. Pat Friedt says:

    Great tool to summarize the issues and educate the public. The only main issue I did not feel sufficiently covered was “getting tough on crime”. This is so important to keep Canada safe and the envy of much of the world.

  36. G(RANT) DOURRE says:

    well, is mother corpz going to unsnarl this convoluted, frustrating/ distrust of electro-media big brother x-ursize inspiring e-vent… MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR ALL TYPES OF COMPUTTUR UZERZ INCLUDIN OPEN SOUCE TO TRY THE SURVEY…(or run chance of proving social madipulative engineering)….and why not make it poss. to include results of those who wish for true anonminity in a separate polled result? ( rememurz the handle CBC MANDARINS)

  37. George Kodatsky says:

    The fix is in . CBC has created a forum to promote their secret agenda. I did the questionaire five different times , checking off completely divergent answers each time and somehow ended up a Liberal each time . Sounds pretty fishy to me . At least I know now what side of the politcal debate is being influenced by this media tool of CBC .The only tick mark that WILL count is the one on the ballot .

  38. Lionel Frigault says:

    A fun questionnaire. Next to meaningless in assessing personal trend. Raises some good issues. food for thought.
    Limited in that I vote more for the candidate in this riding as opposed to the party. Instrument did not allow for this re 2 questions.

  39. Carol Friesman says:

    Disappointed that none of the parties have raised First Nations’ issues. Too black and white.
    Unable to qualify responses where yes or no’s do not apply. interesting reflections

  40. Bridget O'L says:

    can’t get this on Firefox. where do i start very very frustrating

  41. Mary E. says:

    Whee! I’m a Liberal, accoring to the survey.

    Yes,it was difficult to find my way. One suggestion was quite helpful. See Steve Lane No. 25 above. He is on the right track. Thank you!

  42. Edward says:

    What has come this way? more promises that can’t and won’t be kept.You know whwn a politions lie easy when they open their mouth
    Ihe media and great pensions with medical benefits drive them to politics, thats why the big turnover. Notice they all get big corporate positions when they are no longer a part of parliament?.Worse than the American system. citizen you have no say !

  43. Murray Berman says:

    All you guys had to do was put a survey out that was accessible and easily replied to.
    How can we expect the government to work any better when they have more than one task tp perform.

  44. nancy rogers says:

    Agree with Glen on #18. After the initial analysis, I was still trying to figure how to proceed to more in-depth section and was cut off.

  45. Helen Kaine says:

    Where on earth is the famous? survey.
    I am 79 years of age . I feel that the
    goverments of today are basically at the
    level of 5 year olds. They lie,cheat,and expect us to say thank you. Some are also control freaks,bullies . I certainly have no respect for them. No sense voting. We get the same Garbage everytime. This the first
    and last time that I have made this kind of
    comment. Just disgusted.

  46. jeanbrien says:

    How do you connect with the canvas?

  47. Elliot says:

    Why do Canadians put up with the performance of our elected officials. With their blind ambition to benefit themselves (friends included) and take advantage of the position of trust that has been granted them by the people of Canada? Nothing much has really changed since the signing of the Magna Carta, only the names of the players and the clans or groups they represent.

  48. Roman says:

    The VoteCompass helps to make a rational election decisions. Due to huge TV exposure, we put too much weight on leader’s personalities. Now we have a tool to choose a party based on a political, social and economical platform. Sure, this tool needs to be refined, but, I hope, this is a start of a huge positive change!

  49. Barry T says:

    Hi Roman, glad to see you support the one party system by way of the “Liberal Compass”.

  50. H McLean says:

    re finding the survey: just google “vote compass”

    re being asked how you intend to vote: that question is optional, and not part of the actual survey

    re history and design of survey: see FAQ at

    re commie pinko CBC trying to manipulate participants: take a cold shower

    re one possible improvement: graphics at result>analyse your position>your position per statement should include a link, for each question, to a side-by-side listing of stated party positions (and rationales) on that issue, along with background information, references, etc.

  51. H McLean says:

    re party positions: party positions on each question are actually available via party-icon links on the graphic at result>analyse your position>more options; you can click the axis titles on the same graphic for a brief explanation of how the results graphics are defined, eg. “The plane that represents the political landscape in the 2011 Canadian federal election has two dimensions: social liberalism versus social conservatism and economic left versus economic right . . .”

  52. henryallan says:

    I think that Harpers idea is working, building a strong economy is aboluty nessassary to keep the country on top, this he is doing. with a good economy, everything else will fall into place…eg there will be jobs created, people will have more money in there pockets making them feel better and health care will follow. we need harper to have a strong majority to make this work. a liberal gov. will just cost us more money in taxes, I think we pay enough!!

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