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CBC News partners with Vote Compass for B.C. election
April 17, 2013

CBC NewsCBC News has once again commissioned the wildly popular Vote Compass as an integral component of its election news programming, this time for the British Columbia provincial election. The B.C. edition of Vote Compass was developed in cooperation with political scientists from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. It is available at http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/bcvotes2013/votecompass.

The Wall Street Journal commissions Vote Compass for U.S. Presidential election
October 13, 2012

The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal, the largest newspaper in the United States, has commissioned a new edition of Vote Compass for the 2012 American presidential election. The U.S. edition of Vote Compass is available at http://wsj.com/votecompass.

Radio-Canada launches Vote Compass for Quebec election
August 1, 2012


Radio-Canada has commissioned a French-language edition of Vote Compass, or la Boussole électorale, for the 2012 Quebec election. The Quebec edition of Vote Compass was developed in cooperation with political scientists from Laval University, the University of Montreal, and the University of Quebec at Montreal. The English version is available via CBCNews.ca and the French version via Radio-Canada.ca.

Vote Compass launches Alberta election edition with CBC News
March 26, 2012

CBC NewsFollowing its successful runs in the 2011 Canadian federal and Ontario provincial elections, CBC News has commissioned a new edition of Vote Compass for the 2012 Alberta provincial election. Vote Compass will consult with political scientists from the University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge to develop an iteration of Vote Compass that engages with the key election issues facing Albertans. Vote Compass Alberta is available via CBCNews.ca.

Watch the election unfold through the Vote Compass lens
December 14, 2011

Through a time-lapse video sequence Vote Compass analysts track respondents’ support for each party over the course of the 2011 Canadian federal election campaign. Watch the rise of the NDP and the fall of the Bloc Québécois in Quebec, the collapse of the Liberals, and the resurgence of the Conservatives in the run-up to election day. [Watch it here]

Vote Compass op-ed on e-democracy
December 14, 2011

Voter Turnout: Thinking Outside the (Ballot) BoxIn an op-ed published by The Mark News, members of the Vote Compass project offer their views on the potential of technology to address certain democratic deficits.

Entitled ‘Voter Turnout: Thinking Outside the (Ballot) Box,’ the op-ed speaks to ways in which new media can facilitate democratic participation, but urges readers not to think in terms of online voting alone, which “resorts to a narrow view of tackling the participatory deficit, reducing political engagement to easier access to the ballot box.”

The op-ed also engages with criticisms that were leveled against Vote Compass during the federal election campaign. [Read it here]

Canadian election respondent results now available
December 13, 2011

During the five weeks of the 2011 Canadian federal election campaign nearly 2 million respondents used Vote Compass, generating extraordinary insights into the dynamics of public opinion in Canada.

Vote Compass analysts have processed the data from the 2011 federal election and today released a number of fascinating visualizations of the aggregate respondent results on each of the 30 propositions included in the application. Results can be viewed by riding, vote intention, age, education, gender, language and other variables.

[View results here]

Vote Compass launches Ontario edition
September 19, 2011

Back by popular demand, an Ontario edition of Vote Compass was launched today in partnership with CBC News’ Ontario Votes 2011 election campaign coverage.

Developed anew for the Ontario election, Vote Compass offers a host of new features including a contemporary interface, more advanced results, and functions that enhance the overall user experience. [Read More…]

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