2012 Alberta Provincial Election

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1.   Corporate Tax
How much tax should corporations pay?
2.   Provincial Deficit
The provincial budget deficit should be reduced, even if it means fewer public services.
3.   Trickle-Down Economics
When businesses make a lot of money everyone benefits, even the poor.
4.   Tuition Fees
The provincial government should freeze tuition for university and college students.
5.   Private Schools
Private schools should not receive public funding.
6.   Minimum Wage
The minimum wage should be raised immediately.
7.   Welfare
How much money should welfare recipients get?
8.   Electricity Prices
The Alberta government should freeze electricity prices.
9.   Abortion Funding
There should be no government funding for abortion.
10.   Health Care User Fees
People should be able to pay for faster access to medical treatment.
11.   Private Health Care
How much of a role should the private sector have in health care?
12.   Blood-Alcohol Limit
The blood-alcohol limit for drivers should be changed from .08% to .05%.
13.   Government Salaries
Most provincial government workers are paid too much.
14.   Income Tax
How much should wealthier people pay in taxes?
15.   Oil and Gas Royalties
The Alberta government should take a bigger share of royalties from oil and gas companies.
16.   Rent Limits
The Alberta government should limit rent increases.
17.   Unions
How easy should it be for workers to organize a union?
18.   Safety Laws
How strict should worker safety laws be in Alberta?
19.   Human Rights Commission
Alberta should scrap the human rights commission.
20.   Environmental Regulation
Environmental regulation should be stricter, even if it means consumers pay higher prices.
21.   Industry and Environment
Environmental issues should be solved by industry, not government.
22.   Oil Sands
The environmental damage caused by the oil sands industry is exaggerated.
23.   Property Rights
How much say should government have over what landowners do with their property?
24.   First Nations Land Rights
How much say should First Nations have over how Alberta's natural resources are used?
25.   Immigration
Immigrants should adopt Albertan values.
26.   Equalization
Albertans pay more than their fair share to the rest of Canada.
27.   First Nations Schools
Alberta should contribute funding to schools on First Nations reserves.
28.   Keystone Pipeline
The Keystone XL pipeline will take jobs out of Alberta.
29.   Government Spending
When there is an economic problem, government spending usually makes it worse.
30.   Religious Accommodation
How much should be done to accommodate religious minorities in Alberta?

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