2011 Canadian Federal Election

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1. War in Afghanistan
All Canadian troops should be pulled out of Afghanistan immediately
2. Arctic Militarization
Canada should increase its military presence in the Arctic
3. Military Spending
How much should the government spend on the military?
4. Government Spending
When there is an economic problem, government spending usually makes it worse
5. Federal Deficit
The federal budget deficit should be reduced, even if it leads to fewer public services
6. US Economic Relations
Canada should seek closer economic relations with the USA
7. Oil Sands
The environmental damage caused by the Alberta oil sands industry is exaggerated
8. Carbon Tax
Canada should adopt a carbon tax
9. Environmental Regulation
Environmental regulation should be stricter, even if it leads to consumers having to pay higher prices
10. Private Health Care
How much of a role should the private sector have in health care?
11. Daycare
The government should fund daycare instead of giving money directly to parents
12. Employment Insurance
It should be easier to qualify for Employment Insurance
13. Immigration Language Requirement
Speaking English or French should be a requirement for immigration to Canada
14. Immigration
How many new immigrants should Canada admit?
15. Religious Accommodation
How much should be done to accommodate religious minorities in Canada?
16. Young Offenders
Violent young offenders should be sentenced as adults
17. Gun Registry
The long gun registry should be scrapped
18. Marijuana
Possession of marijuana should be a criminal offence
19. Abortion
The government should make it easier for a woman to get an abortion
20. Gay Marriage
Marriage should only be between a man and a woman
21. Euthanasia
If they so wish, terminally ill patients should be able to end their own lives with medical assistance
22. Senate Reform
The Senate should be abolished
23. Party Funding
Political parties should no longer receive government funding
24. Supreme Court Bilingualism
Only those who speak both English and French should be appointed to the Supreme Court
25. Quebec Culture
The federal government should have a say when it comes to decisions about culture in Quebec
26. Quebec Nationhood
Quebec should be formally recognized as a nation in the Constitution
27. Quebec Independence
Quebec should become an independent state
28. Pensions
Workers should contribute more to their government pension plan (CPP/RRQ) so that it can offer bigger pensions
29.   Income Tax
How much should wealthier people pay in taxes?
30. Corporate Tax
How much tax should corporations pay?

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