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5 Responses to Gay Marriage

  1. jessica says:

    I Think If You Love Someone It Shouldnt Matter If You Get Mirred! Gay Marrage Should Be Aloud Everywhere In The World !

  2. trent sugden says:

    hey i think what ever jessica said is right because no matter what gender you are you should be able to like who ever you want like guys can like guys girls can like girl so like my comment if you think this is true

  3. trent sugden says:

    hey i love gay people

  4. Brayden says:

    “People should be allowed to do things because they want to” makes no sense at all. By that logic, it should be perfectly legal to give heroin to kids. There are parents that give marijuana to babies, and it should be legal then, “because they want to”. People need to learn that desires don’t make things legal, and shouldn’t. Ever.

    • Clarisse says:

      I agree that the legalization of things should not have to do with whether or not the majority of people desire to do something or not, hence why drugs are illegal. However, the argument for gay marriage isn’t that “they should be able to because they want to”, rather it is that people within the LGBTQ community should be able to marry because it is within their rights as citizens of Canada to marry the person that they love. There is no sensible argument as to why two men or two women cannot be married, only that “it’s always been that way” and “because the bible says so”. For the first, traditions change over time as society changes and to stick to an argument like that is ridiculous. For the second, I have nothing against church and religiously held beliefs, but to make something illegal or legal based on the practices and beliefs of (a) religion(s) that not every citizen adheres to is wrong; matters of Church and state should not mix.

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